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Restaurants are easily some of the most popular, profitable, and busiest businesses you’re going to find. More often than not when you go up to a fast food establishment around lunch time it’s going to be pretty packed – but people are going to be in and out quickly. Studies have shown that at least one in four American’s eats fast food every day. Food is one of the few things that humans truly do need to live. Here’s a fun fact for you – the longest fast in history was done by a Scottish man over a period of 382 days. It truly is still a miracle that he was able to survive for that long, but he did lose over 200 pounds of fat. For the average person, you need to eat every few hours to keep your energy up and keep going. Food is so important as the fuel that keeps your body going through the day. For a lot of people, work or just life in general may keep them from being able to cook for themselves every day, and restaurants are there to keep you fed!

Professional Chefs

In theory food is nothing more than nutrition and sustenance, but in reality it is a conversation starter, something to bond over, an experience to be shared. If it were there just to keep us going, we’d eat nothing more than the exact vitamins and minerals that we need. But we eat food partially for the satisfaction of it, we try to eat flavors that we like and foods we are comfortable with. Food is so celebrated and popular now that we even have national holidays for all kinds of foods, from pizza to pasta and chicken wings. Since 1977 chicken wing day has been a thing. It’s amazing how all of the cultures that have come to this country have contributed some of their food to the culture. The types of food we have here are incredibly diverse. Fast food establishments are some of the most common businesses you’ll find, for instance they have 42,998 Subway locations JUST in America.

Taste and flavor are very important in our foods. In some cases certain foods can truly play pivotal roles in certain cultures. Food is something that brings people together – sometimes even in massive groups. Anytime we celebrate something like a birthday or holiday, we do it while focusing on the food we’ll be having that day. Food is something we just can’t escape. You’ll never be starved for food diversity, from Mexican, to Italian, to classic American food you can find it all.

Buffalo Wings

They go by many different names – buffalo wings, chicken wings – but whatever you call them they’re the same delicious popular “wings” that you’ve always known and loved. Generally speaking, buffalo wings are going to have spicier rubs or sauces on them, while chicken wings tend to just be breaded and fried as they are. The term “buffalo” is actually now tied to most things that are spicy, like a buffalo chicken sandwich or something similar. Wings are one of the favorite foods in America, it’s a safe bet that most normal restaurants you visit will have them on the menu, and if you want the best, try Flippin Wings Clayton!